Marchbanks Measurement Systems and NASA

Marchbanks Measurement Systems is the first and only company to develop revolutionary non surgical equipment to measure both cerebral and cochlear fluid pressures (CCFP). Aims of this project are to better understand the pathophysiology of Space Adaptation Syndrome so that treatment and performance of astronauts could be improved.

We were invited to help MMS and Southampton University design and implement the user interface and software to control and manage the data for the CCFP. This software was subsequently used in equipment for space experiments on space shuttle missions and International Space Station. As well as managing user and experiment data in a secure manner, the user interface required particular attention to human factors in a zero gravity environment. All software was required to undergo NASA's strict approval process.

We continue to advise and consult on the software, systems and hardware integration of this project.

Key Services

  • Ux design
  • Application development using C++
  • Hardware interface
  • Forth library interface
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